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Data Literacy through Standardization by Brian Roby

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 -
6:00pm to 7:30pm
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Data Literacy through Standardization:
One of the biggest challenges facing settings that are trying to move towards a new business approach where decisions are largely made based of data is time. And not “time” in the sense of how long it takes teams to create the new tools themselves, but rather the “time” it takes for the organization to start TRUSTING data. Like in any other relationship, trust typically takes time, which in this space…you don’t have. So, how do the creators of analytics work to get around this giant hurdle?
Keep it simple, and keep it consistent. The real goal should become getting business leaders to feel COMFORTABLE using analytics to drive their choices. Through that lens, familiarity becomes a massive ally. I think settings can exponentially accelerate their setting’s Data Literacy through standardization, and I believe there are some really easy steps that will make a huge difference towards beginning that journey that I’d love to share!

Speaker Bio:
I’ve lived in the valley since 2011. ASU Grad, GO DEVILS! Spent the majority of my career working within FP&A, but quickly fell in love with analytics. Spent the last 4 years working at the PetSmart corporate HQ, with the last year having the opportunity to be a part of their Advanced Analytics Team. Recently joined CVO as the Director of Business Intelligence.

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Brian Roby
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