Volunteer Highlights

This is the fourth of a series highlighting our Chapter’s awesome volunteers.  Nancy

This month, we are shining the Volunteer Spotlight on Sheila Young, the Vice-President of Membership.  
Q: How did you first hear about the IIBA?
Sheila: I heard about IIBA Phoenix after I had relocated to the Phoenix area from Chicago. One of the co-workers mentioned it to me and suggested I look into the organization. 
Q: How long were you a member of our Chapter before you became an officer?        
Sheila: I was a member for about 5 years before I became a board member. 
Q: Have you held other positions or done any volunteer work for the Chapter previously?         
No, I just attended the monthly PDM meetings and the annual BADD conference. 
Q: What are some of the things you do as part of the Chapter that some people might not know about?
i monitor the chapter membership, coordinate the monthly PDM registrations along with the VP of Communications, participate in planning the BADD conference, chapter activities and chapter sponsored events. And I help out where needed. 
Q: What are some of the most satisfying parts of your position and being part of the Chapter?    
 Providing relevant information related to the Business Analysis role to others in a professional manner.      
Q: Are there any skills you have developed by being in the Chapter that have helped you at work or elsewhere?
Yes! My communication, collaboration, planning skills have improved. I've also grown more patient. I interact with people from around the world (primarly virtually) so I am learning how to work with a diverse group of people from around the world. I am also learning about various cultures and how they view the role when they attend our PDM's. My   managemet skils have increased as well so there has been some times where difficult situations have arose that needed to be addressed professionally. 
Q: What advice would you give someone considering volunteering for the Chapter?
If you are looking for a group of people that understands the BA role and would like to grow with them. I would say join volunteer with the chapter. Volunteering provides a great opporunity to network with other BA's localy and globally. It also keeps you informed on hot the BA role is evolving within the industry. It's a great way to be trained and to help others. 
Q: What are some of the things you like to do in your spare time?        
I like to shop, go to the spa, travel to the Caribbean and I recently started swimming lessons (which I enjoy greatly). Since the onset of COVID, I have begun delving into orginizing projects. I am watching a lot of orginizing youtube videos and engaging in several orginizing projects at home. 

Q: What aspect of the BA profession do you find most rewarding?
I find capturing the specifications/requirements for a product/solution that will solve an identified problem and being apart of the effort rewarding. I love being a part of the creation of a solution that helps people.

Q: Anything else you'd care to share about the BA profession, your career path, or yourself?
Sheila: My career initially started as an application developer and I transition into the BA role. I love aspects of both worlds (developer and BA). I think the two roles are essential to the development of a solution. I worked in the IT arena for various industries (Insurance, Marketing, Food Companies, Hospitalilty, Banking and Utility). The BA role has been utilized in various ways in each inductry. I've enjoyed each opportunity, the diversity they brought, the experiences I've gained, the lessons I've learned and the people I have met along the way. 

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