IIBA Core Standard Refresh

The IIBA Global Business Analysis Core Standard is being refreshed, and IIBA is seeking the input of active Members, willing to actively participate in a workshop to assist in this exciting endeavour!  A series of workshops have been planned based on geography to ensure global coverage, and the Central and Western regions, of which the IIBA Phoenix Chapter is a part, have been earmarked for the week of October 11, 2021. This is a great volunteer opportunity, with a minimal time commitment – 1 hour workshop and approximately 20-30 minutes of preliminary work.

IIBA needs a total of 15 participants that can commit to attending the workshop where they would:

  • Provide opinions and ideas at the grass root level
  • Help develop a shared understanding of the core standards 
  • Provide opinions and support elicitation of business analysis practices, techniques, competencies, and guidelines 
  • Discuss experiences, real-world examples, and scenarios 
  • Contribute to surveys and consensus building exercises

Participants would need to:

  • Be an IIBA member in good standing and an active member of the Chapter 
  • Agree to the IIBA volunteer terms and conditions
  • Have experience as a business analysis practitioner
  • Represent a variety of industries
  • Be willing to be contacted in the future (for further clarification)
  • Complete 20-30 minutes of preliminary work
  • Actively attend a one hour-long workshop

If you want to make a valuable contribution to the next iteration of the IIBA Global Business Analysis Core Standard, register here.