Hands on Session: Identifying user Needs and Deriving User Requirements


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Hands on Session: Identifying User Needs and Deriving User Requirements Thomas Geis, UXQB March 16 10:00AM Member Registration

Presented by Thomas Geis, UXQB

In his earlier webinar sessions, Thomas Geis presented the methodology for identifying user needs within information about the „context of use“ (users, their tasks, the resources they use, the environment(s) they are in). The focus of this webinar is walking through real examples and see how the process of „finding the gold nuggets in the top soil works in practice. Thomas will briefly recap the methodology and explicitly walk through several concise real-world examples of interview data and analyze them on the spot for user needs and derivable user requirements.
What you will take away from this webinar:

  • How to extract user needs systematically from any piece of contextual information
  • How to compose user needs based on a pre-defined solid syntax rule
  • How to derive user requirements related to usability and user experience
  • How to avoid „solutioning“ too early and facilitate breakthrough innovation

About the Presenter:

thomasThomas Geis

Thomas Geis is Managing Director of ProContext Consulting GmbH and since 1993 full-time in the work area usability engineering. He is a dedicated professional expert in the occupational field usability and user experience and assumes, among other responsibilities in the following roles:

  • Chairman of the International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB)
  • Head of the ISO Committee "Common Industry Format for Usability"
  • Editor of ISO 9241-110 "Dialogue principle for human-system interaction"
  • Editor of ISO 25060 "Common Industry Format (CIF) for usability - General Framework for usability-related information"
  • Holder of the Usability Achievement Award of the German UPA (2013)