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Professional Development Meeting - Cyber Security Month - Panelists Discussion

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Come join us to celebrate Cyber Security Month with a panelist discussion with Terry Baresh, Tina Thorstenson, and Oliver-Patrice Clinch.  

Terry Baresh Bio:  Terry is a seasoned business analyst, VP of Finance for the MSP IIBA chapter, an internationally recognized speaker, a cybersecurity evangelist, the co-author of the IIBA Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis (CCA), and an exam writer.  He works closely with cybersecurity teams to grow, mature, and optimize their processes and drive towards automation and accountability.  Are you curious about what a cybersecurity analyst does?  Ever wondered what kinds of threats keep the CIO and CISO awake at night?  Have you asked yourself how you can work with your information and cybersecurity teams?  Or have you asked "When should we bring security into our sprint?"  Terry has asked those questions every day and is here to help you find answers to your questions, too. 
Terry will talk about the IIBA CCA exam, the role of the BA in cybersecurity, answer questions about current trends and threats in cyberspace, and anything regarding information, data and cybersecurity.  
There are an estimated 3 to 4 million unfilled cybersecurity positions world-wide with no chance for those positions to be filled in the near future.  Without trained and qualified resources available to perform cybersecurity work, organizations are struggling to automate their processes and integrate their cyber technologies in an effort to secure their systems and assets.  Breaches and cyber risks are threatening organizations of every size and shape, with an estimated cost to global economies exceeding 6 trillion dollars before 2025.  Cybersecurity analysts and engineers don't have time to do their own jobs let alone mature and optimize their processes, and this is creating an amazing opportunity for business analysts to step up, dig in, and roll up our sleeves.  We are being asked to bring our skills, talents, and knowledge to assist cybersecurity organizations digitally transform and to stay ahead of the evolving cyber threats.  If you're working on a scrum team, leaning towards the Agile mindset, then you and your team need to "shift left" with security, to bake security into your designs before you begin to build and test your solutions.  Shifting left saves companies and enterprises significant cost and time.  Let's get together and talk about how you can bring value to your organization while advancing your career by engaging cybersecurity and data protection practices today!  
Tina Thorstenson Bio:  Tina is an Executive Public Sector Strategist and sits on the Public Sector Industry Business Unit at CrowdStrike.  This team provides strategic advisory services related to enterprise cybersecurity solutions for Public Sector organizations across Federal, State and Local, Higher Education and Healthcare.  Prior to joining CrowdStrike, Tina served as the Chief Information Security Officer & Deputy CIO for Arizona State University capping a career of public sector service spanning 25+ years.  Her leadership and executive operational experiences include Information Security, IT governance & strategy, network/systems operations, and implementation/integration of robust enterprise applications and services. Prior to her decades in higher education, Tina’s previous experience as an industrial engineer includes pioneering the introduction of some of the earliest mobile devices to the transportation industry.
Tina will be providing a cybersecurity update and threat brief.

Oliver-Patrice Clinch Bio: Oliver is the Directory of Cybersecurity at Ports America serving as the CISO. Ports America is the largest U.S. terminal operator and stevedore, with operations in every major port in the nation. With more than 90 years of experience through predecessor companies, Ports America possesses dedicated resources that only a company of such scale and scope can deliver, including: skilled personnel, robust training programs, best-in class technology and experienced management. Before joining Ports America, Oliver has worked in multiple security roles over the past couple years. Holding roles at Pima Community College, and CBS Television network. Oliver also spends time in knowledge sharing groups including MTS-ISAC, Cyber Resilience Center in the Port of LA, HackerOne and FBI Infragard to assist in raising cybersecurity awareness on a community and national level.
Oliver will speak about Cybersecurity in the Maritime Industry as well as Infrastructure Security for the US as a whole.

A special message from your board:  We value every participant's health and want to continue to offer valued PDMs as we go through this extraordinary time together. Once registered, the call details will be sent before the event. Please make sure you enter your email address upon registration. If you have any questions please reach out to the board@phoenix.iiba.org. We will hold PDM’s online until we feel that it is safe to resume in-person events.   We will continue to have valuable speakers to support our chapter!! 

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