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Business Analysis Bootcamp 2023

Monday, April 24, 2023 - 9:30am to Friday, April 28, 2023 - 3:00pm




This course is designed to provide a complete and detailed training experience covering most aspects of business analysis. It is a powerful experience for those new to the analyst role or those with experience seeking formal training. You will gain context for the role complete with a structured approach to provide value to your organization. This includes understanding business analysis terminology, the business analysis lifecycle, and how to perform core business analyst activities such as engaging with stakeholders, development requirements, utilizing Use Case and using other formal modeling techniques. You will gain the fundamental skills needed to be a great BA including understanding the integral parts of a business system and understanding the right solution for the right problem.

Who should attend:

Anyone new to business analysis or anyone who has been practicing business analysis without formal training on the methods, practice, framework and structure.

Course Credit:

  • 25 IIBA CDUs
  • 25 PMI PDUs

Course Schedule:

Participants will be expected to attend a total of 5 sessions on:

  • Monday, April 24
  • Tuesday, April 25
  • Wednesday, April 26
  • Thursday, April 27
  • Friday, April 28

The time is from 9:30 am - 3:00 pm (MST / Phoenix, Arizona) on all days.


Introduction to business systems analysis

  • Best practices in business analysis (IIBA)
  • Best practices in project management (PMI)

Business systems analysis overview

  • Business analyst role and their value with class discussion
  • System lifecycle frameworks
  • Cost of defects
  • Exercise: problem statement or vision statement on case study

Planning and scoping

  • System definition with class discussion
  • Product vs. project scope
  • Exercise: create context diagram
  • Define scope boundary
  • Exercise: scope list and RACI
  • Project competing factors
  • Exercise: project sliders and RAIDS

Planning and scoping

  • Terminology
  • Classifications
  • Exercise: refine business requirement
  • Business rules
  • Exercise: uncover business rules
  • Personas
  • Exercise: create persona
  • Requirement management with class discussion

Business Systems Elements (B5)

  • Elements and their relationships
  • Business processes and entities
  • Exercise: create matrix

Elicitation and Interviews

  • Eliciting challenges
  • Organizational dynamics
  • Interviews
  • Discussion – listening
  • Exercise: Interview to elicit requirements
  • Other elicitation techniques

User stories

  • Agile at-a-glance with class discussion
  • Features and stories
  • Exercise: create story wall
  • Prioritization
  • Exercise: role play and prioritize user stories
  • Story elaboration
  • Exercise: elaborate a user story
  • Behavior driven development
  • Exercise: add acceptance criteria

Textual use cases

  • Use case terminology
  • Use case header
  • Use case primary flow
  • Exercise: create a use case
  • Use case extensions
  • Exercise: add extensions
  • Use case scenarios

Modeling overview

  • Modeling benefits, tips, and types
  • Entity model overview, types, and components
  • Exercise: list entities and some relationships
  • Cardinality and optionality
  • Exercise: update entity model
  • Data dictionary
  • Process modeling overview, types, and components
  • Exercise: produce a swim lane
  • State transition diagram
  • Decision table overview
  • Exercise: produce a decision table

Reviews and feedback

  • Content for reviews
  • Critical appraisal
  • Exercise: create an agenda for a review

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